Gira has announced that is has launched its 3 model-strong Studio Design Line.

Gira states the range has been introduced to allow installers to “emphasise design through colour and create a uniform or contrasting aesthetic”.

Available in ‘Black’ and ‘White Glass’ with 3 different variants, installers have the option to create a one-colour design where both the round frame and square switch are in the same finish, or create a two-tone effect with white on black or black on white, with the range.

The three installation options comprise of a 1-gang flush-mounted option, a 1-3 gang flush-mounted version and also surface-mounted option. Gira’s flush-mounted Studio option is intended to be a contemporary option – featuring a glass cover frame, whereas the surface-mounted model is for more traditional environments, with period-style design inspired by 20th-century style round dome light switches.

Both flush-mounted products can be installed in standard round European back boxes. The surface-mounted model is housed in impact resistant, shatter-proof, halogen-free thermoplastic (PC).

All of the range supports over 300 functions in the home, and is designed to work with the Gira System 55 range.

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